In the wonderful world of food CASA, Culinary Arts Society of Ajijic, is committed to stimulating the exchange of gourmet culinary ideas and creativity in a friendly, social, Lakeside forum that rewards unique methods of presentation and the creation of delicious flavors.

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spacerThe first CASA contest was held in Ajijic on February 20, 1986. Since then, numerous wonderful dishes have been entered in the monthly competitions. Usually there are two categories, published in advance: a main dish entrée and a complementary side dish or dessert.

The Bing was instituted in 1987 by Charlotte MacNaara,CASA's first president, who is a founder of Vogue magazine. Her best friend was Bing Horn of the Bing Ice Cream company in Guadalajara. Bing wanted to do something special for Charlotte and CASA, so he paid for the trophies. The two friends then decided that "in honor of CASA and Bing Ice Cream" they would award a trophy to anyone who could win three first place spots during any calendar year. To date, many have achieved this—a few more than once.



A hearty welcome to all new CASA members. We look forward to tasty dishes from all!
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The date of the monthly is the third Monday of each month at Hotel Villa Montecarlo (Avenida Hidalgo No. 296 Chapala), with social time beginning at 3:30 pm (unless otherwise notified).

Notification of cooking classes, dining out, excursions and other events are announced in the monthly newsletter e-mailed to all members. The annual Awards Banquet is traditionally held in January.



spacerMembers prepare one dish corresponding to one of the two categories assigned for that particular month. Each CASA member is required to enter at least four (4) monthly competitions during a calendar year to maintain their membership in CASA. Impartial judges decide the winners in each category. See Rules of Competition.

While the judging is taking place, and before CASA members sample the entries, an interesting culinary presentation begins at 4 pm.




Notification of cooking classes, dining out excursions and other events are announced in the monthly newsletter e-mailed to all members. The annual awards dinner is usually held in January or February.



Various times during the year, CASA members are called upon to donate appetizers, specialty dishes and desserts to Lakeside non-profit functions. CASA members are also requested to serve as judges for local fund-raising culinary competitions.



To provide CASA Members, Associates and guests a monthly forum to share foods, to learn new preparation techniques, to stimulate culinary ideas, meet new people and enjoy the wonderful world of food; in a competitive atmosphere that encourages creativity and rewards excellence.